Photographer, Actor, Model, Musician & Writer.

It's a freelance grab bag to be proud of: disparate parts that inform and enhance one another through experiences and overlapping skills. My life as a touring musician developed a strong stage presence for modeling, while my training in literary criticism and theory granted a deep understanding into the subtleties of drama. 

My photography draws from each of these arts as I hope to instill a story within every image: a story that captures some dramatic presence, that holds weight and worth.

Knot Hall of Fame Award Winning Wedding Photographer


David N. Sachs Photography is a Bay Area Bridal Boutique offering:

  • Story-driven imagery with emotional awareness
  • Photography and videography for weddings and elopments throughout the world
  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoots and Engagement Sessions
  • Handcrafted heirloom albums and wall art