Peacock Gap Golf Club

The Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael offers the perfect, picturesque backdrop for creating cherished wedding memories. After all, weddings are one day, but the memories last a lifetime.

The Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue is for smaller, quaint gatherings - as well as larger affairs - and everything in between. Situated atop the rolling hills of Marin County, it is surrounded by great swaths of trees, providing an added amount of serenity and privacy, as well as a great expanse of blue sky above and vibrant, green earth below (depending on the weather, of course).

Want to know more about a Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding? Check out this video of Robin and John’s Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding here, or continue reading below for additional details.

Specific features of the Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue

Why choose the Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue for your special occasion? According to the venue’s website, it is ideal because of the following: “Timeless architecture, unsurpassed amenities, world-class cuisine, and the serene backdrop of beautiful native-landscape and the manicured Peacock Gap Golf Club, all combine to create the perfect location for your special wedding day.”

Both indoor and outdoor event options are available. Inside there is noted to be a ‘wall of windows’ so you and your guests can continue to enjoy those breathtaking and sweeping views while indoors.


There are a total of three salons, which are capable of accommodating up to 1,200. The Clubhouse is said to hold as many as 80 guests and the terrace 1,050.

See the Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue capacity chart here.

Wedding-related events

The Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue is a great place to host your rehearsal dinner, wedding brunch, and/or bridal shower.

Rehearsal dinner: As they say, “practice makes perfect,” which is also true for your very own wedding day! Rehearsal dinner at The Clubhouse allows individuals to practice a run-through for the big day before celebrating with a dinner prepared by staff.

Wedding brunches: Wedding brunches are typically for immediate family members and close friends to enjoy on the day of the wedding. Couples can choose between having a catered buffet or plated breakfast, according to the venue’s website.

Bridal showers: Bridal showers are held in the event center and incorporate fun activities, games, food, and more.

With weddings, can there ever really be enough celebrating, especially when it is your own?

Wedding photography

The scenic surroundings of the Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue make it easy to capture outstanding images. If you’re in love with the idea of a vast backdrop consisting of majestic hilltops, then the Peacock Gap Golf Club is a venue you need to add to the list of those you are considering. There is also natural light to work with, and the ability to incorporate the sky into photographs, as well.


The Peacock Gap Golf Club wedding venue is at 333 Biscayne Drive, about a 40-minute drive from San Francisco.

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