A classic, sophisticated wedding venue: Grand Island Mansion

The Grand Island Mansion in is the picture-perfect wedding venue.

It’s the ideal location for those looking for opulent, elegant wedding photographs, as the stunning features of this venue make every image worthy of a Bride’s or Vogue magazine spread.

Marble fireplaces, imported wood paneling, and inlaid parquet flooring are just some of the features that make the Grand Island Mansion so unique and sought-after for weddings.

To see the classic elegance and grace of the Grand Island Mansion for yourself, check out some highlights from the gorgeous South Asian wedding of Sucharita and Michael here, or keep reading to know more.

Sucharita + Michael Highlight Video from David N. Sachs on Vimeo.

About Grand Island Mansion

Located at 13415 Grand Island Rd. within the outskirts of Walnut Grove, the mansion is said to be the ‘largest private estate in Northern California,’ and is noted by the venue’s website to be an ‘Italian Renaissance-styled villa.’

The Grand Island Mansion was built by well-respected San Francisco Architect J.W. Dolliver with help from his wife, Henrietta. The construction of the Grand Island Mansion is said to have started in 1917 and was completed by 1920. In total, there are said to be 58 rooms.

According to the mansion’s web page: “This unique landmark has been featured in such publications as National Geographic, Architectural Digest, and many others highlights the historical significance and classical beauty that help make the Grand Island Mansion a destination of unrivaled desirability for weddings and events.”

What are some additional features of the Grand Island Mansion?

While the video featured above incorporates the styles of a South Asian wedding, note that the Grand Island Mansion can be used as a backdrop for a variety of traditional and non-traditional wedding events.

Because the Grand Island Mansion has extensive experience in helping individuals with their wedding, they have worked to perfect every detail, and are said to offer the following for couples celebrating their nuptials:

  • Riverfront views
  • Wrought-iron gazebo with plenty of shade for warmer days
  • Ample room for parking (free)
  • Event coordinator
  • Private space/property for you and guests
  • Dressing rooms for both bride and groom .

If you are planning a wedding, and are searching for a private yet luxurious setting to do so, the Grand Island Mansion is definitely worth looking into.

Not convinced? If you missed it above, we once again encourage you to check out the video of the South Asian wedding of Sucharita and Michael here to witness for yourself what makes this particular wedding venue so special and unique.