Text and Image Graphic: Portrait Mixers for Actors and ModelsPortrait Mixers for Actors and Models

Portrait Mixers are a unique opportunity to share some fun and laughter while building a stunning portfolio of headshots and promotional media.

These mixers are a great way for you and your friends to share the cost of professional headshots.

Everyone in attendance gets their own portrait session, and the host gets a $50 product credit and a special gift from the studio. Session rates are heavily reduced (only $50 per person!), and come with a complimentary 5x7 print.

Sample portraits: Portrait Mixers for Actors and ModelsPortrait Mixers for Actors and Models

Contact David with any questions, including availability and bookings.

Sample Portrait: Portrait Mixers for Actors and ModelsPortrait Mixers for Actors and Models (Ralph)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I host a mixer and what are my responsibilities?
Contact David for booking availability (weekdays are best). There is a small deposit to hold the date, and after that, all you need to do is get your friends excited for the big day! It's also the host's responsibility to book your guests and to collect payment before the Mixer. You should also be physically present during the event and be prepared to have fun!

2. What equipment does David N. Sachs Photography bring?
In addition to our top-of-the-line camera bodies and lenses, the studio provides all lighting and backdrops: everything we need for a professional, high-end session on the go!

3. My friends and I don't have a lot of experience in front of the camera, will you help us?
Of course! As a working model and actor, David uses his experience on both sides of the camera to help clients relax and feel comfortable and confident in the portraits they're taking.

4. As the host, do I count towards the $50 product credit per guest?
Yes! Please remember, however, that the product credit is for product only, and does not count toward the $50 session fee.

5. I want to host an event, but my house is too [messy][small][nonexistent]. Are there other options?
Yes, of course: local parks are great locations, and David would be happy to talk about location scouting for your specific needs. The Oakland studio will soon be available for in-house mixers, but part of the fun is hosting your friends away from the traditional studio space!

6. Is there a minimum number of guests to book a Mixer?
Yes, there is: because the session fee is so dramatically reduced, we require at least four portrait sessions. There is no limit to how many guests may participate, but you should let us know if there will be more than 20 so we can bring helping hands.

7. How do we see the photos taken?
All photos will be uploaded to a password-protected gallery within 10 days of the Mixer. Only those in attendance (and anyone they share the password with) will be able to view the gallery.

This FAQ section is constantly growing, so if you have any questions not covered above, please don't hesitate to contact David!