I absolutely love coaching wedding and portrait photographers. I specialize in helping to develop business skills, marketing plans, workflow, client care and all aspects of the shoot itself. I've taught in large classrooms, private lessons and group workshops throughout California. 

One of my favorite parts about photography is that there's always room for growth. Curious beginners and experienced vets both have so much opportunity to improve, and that potential is where my personal passion lives. With a focus on personalized coaching and individualized instruction, we'll work closely together to tailor your learning experience to your unique goals.

Some of the educational opportunities I offer include:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions: Work directly with me to receive personalized coaching and feedback on your photography and business skills. These sessions can be conducted online or in person, depending on your location and preferences.
  • In-person workshops and live events: Join a community of like-minded photographers and learn in a group setting. Choose from a variety of topics and formats, from one-day workshops to multi-week courses.

Let's get started!