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Things Photographers Love to see at Weddings

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  1. Space to Shoot In. Getting ready for a wedding often means filling a small hotel room with a good handful of people to get ready. It’s not required that you get a suite or an entire house to yourself, but being aware of the space and what you want from your photos is important. If you want to wide shot of the dress in the hotel window, you’re going to have to keep that area clean and clear of debris so that your photos don’t take more time than they need to. This also gives your photographer room to move around without constantly having to confirm who’s stuff they’re moving and if it’s OK if they move it. Having all your detail items together, or potentially laid out in a nice display where you’d like them shot, makes a photographers job easier and less time consuming right from the get to. 
  2. Honest emotion. This might seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how easy it is to let the stress take over. The wedding day should be a day of celebration and photographers love it when everyone comes together to get in on the positivity. Silliness, emotionality, love, laughter, and everything in between are what make your wedding day so incredibly special. Photographer's love capturing true and genuine emotion from both you and your surrounding kin. 
  3. Unique details. Some wedding photographers shoot weekend after weekend and tend to see a lot of similar strains of decoration throughout. There’s nothing wrong with jumping on the latest trends, but your wedding is ultimately about you and your partner. It should reflect such in the details of your day. A special sign, photos, handwritten notes, a fashion choice; there are tons of ways to bring who you are as individuals as well as a couple into your wedding.                   
  4. Low table decorations. Photographers can function under a multitude of decorative situations, and tall centerpieces make for a beautiful room shots, but it’s good to keep in mind that the taller the centerpiece the more we either have to shoot around it or allow for things behind it to simply stay blocked. Lowes centerpieces and table decorations allow for a lot more versatility in the shooting of your day as well as a lot less technical difficulty on the photographers end. No tall harsh shadows, no blocking of bridal party members behind a giant vase full of flowers, no potential for things falling over and spilling your wine during a speech. Overall, low table decorations is a win for everyone!
  5. Awesome Natural Light. This isn’t necessarily one that you can control, but it’s one that photographer's still love and appreciate. You can’t control the positioning of light at your venue, but you can absolutely control when during your day you’re out for photos. If you want stunning sunset photos, you’re going to have to plan to be outside at sunset time. This may seem fairly obvious, but many people forget that photographers don’t create the magic you see in the image, they simply capture the magic that’s in front of them. Beautiful spots where natural light can be heavily utilized can take your wedding portfolio from the average to exceptional in an instant!
  6. Wild receptions. This is one of the best parts of the day. All the formalities are taken care of, all of your guests are in the same place, and the stress just melts away into the wild fun of the party. We love to capture people dancing and singing along with the songs. We also love to capture everyone dancing with the bride and groom. This is a great chance for you to get photos with many of your guests that you didn’t take formal images with. Take this opportunity to be wild and free with all of your friends and family. Everybody loves a good air guitar while DJs colorful lights spiral behind you.

7. True love. Above all, photographers who shoot weddings just want to see a couple that’s truly in love tie the knot. We want you to forget that we are there so that all of your reactions are natural and honest throughout your day. Your love story is special and unique and no wedding is the same. When a photographer can get to know the couple, the way they are together, and really read the situation well the photos turn out infinitely better. Photographers Kurt tail their experience to fit your needs and bring out the absolute best of both of you. Focus on your partner and your images are sure to be the romantic and whimsical treasures you hoped for. 


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