David N. Sachs | 5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session Before your Wedding

5 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session Before your Wedding

July 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

With the recent opening of our sister studio, Avida Boudoir, we wanted to layout a handful of reasons why boudoir sessions and weddings perfectly fit hand-in-hand!

  • It’s super fun to do. A lot of people get extra nervous to do boudoir. I think as a culture we tend to place a high level of anxiety around anything that involves loving and appreciating our bodies. But boudoir photo shoot‘s are extra fun! You get to pick out funky lingerie that you wouldn’t usually wear, you get to get your hair and make up done and look your absolute best, and you get to show off your confidence throughout the entire shoot. Who doesn’t want to spend a few hours being pampered and feeling sexy?
  • It’s a gift for you too. A lot of people do boudoir as a gift for their partner on their wedding day. It’s an awesome gift for them, but it’s really a great one to do for yourself as well. Whether you have a partner or not, boudoir sessions provide a sense of confidence and self intimacy that can be difficult to achieve on the regular. I can’t think of any better gift to give oneself then a boost of confidence and a better appreciation for your body. 

  • It’s extremely personal. As far as gifts go, this tops the list on truly personal and romantic ones. While personalized flasks and silly socks might be a great gift as well, this one shows a tremendous amount of thought, love, energy, and invested time. It also doubles down on the massive amount of trust you have with the person you’re sharing with. Your wedding day should celebrate your relationship with each other on as many different levels as you feel comfortable, and this really drives that point home. 

  • It’s incredibly unique. Your boudoir session is unique because you are. Nobody’s boudoir photos look like yours and nobody can pretend to be you. And the cool part is, no matter how many times you do a session, it still ends up being completely different than the one before! You can explore so many different sides of yourself and share so many fun feelings through your gallery. The fun never stops if you’re willing to open up and be creative! 

  • It captures you right in this moment. Getting married is a beautiful and singular moment in time that you share with your partner. Similarly, boudoir captures you just as you are right now. This gift can be special now, on an anniversary in the future, or further on down the line when your body may have changed and you want to look back to who you used to be and cherish those memories. There are so many reasons to embrace capturing images of your self in this point in time. Make sure to take every chance you get to appreciate your singular uniqueness. :) 



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