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Tips for a Fun and Stress Free Wedding Day

June 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When you imagine your wedding day, I'm sure you can see all of the beautiful elements you've been envisioning since you first started that wedding Pinterest board in high school. A lot goes into the planning of the event and all that coordination can be stressful at times. Even if you have a day of coordinator, there are lots of little things that brides, grooms, friends, and family are going to end up doing on their own. But don't worry! It's easy to be prepared. Here are a few tips for keeping your day organized so that you can simply relax and enjoy the ride.

  1. EAT! - This might sound silly, but it’s one of the most important things to do on your wedding day. So many people have jitters and anxiety and forget to start their day with a good meal. It’s a long day, and a truly fun one, so your body needs to be ready for all of the emotion and excitement. Make sure to eat a nice healthy breakfast instead of just dousing your system with coffee and mimosas. You will absolutely be glad you did this later in the day. 
  2. Be Prepared for your Photographers Arrival - You may spend the entire morning getting ready in the hotel room, but the real fun starts when the photographer gets there and begins to capture all the awesome moments of your day. For the absolute best experience, be ready to provide them with everything they need to be successful and make your fairytale wedding look as magical as it feels. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to gather up their bags and personal items and put them out of sight within the room. Avoid hanging your beautiful expensive wedding dress or suit on a cheap plastic hanger. Have your jewelry, shoes, perfume/cologne, and other accessories in one spot so the photog doesn’t have to go searching for them. Bring an extra invitation suite for them to photograph if that’s important to you getting ready. You want them to be able to focus exclusively on the beautiful and everlasting joy of your day, not on whose straightener is whose or which of the hundred bags in the room has the rings in it.
  3. Give your vendors someone else’s name and number as their primary contact day of - As a bride or groom, on your big day you want to feel like you’re in charge of everything. In order to set yourself up for success you need to reach out and ask some of your bridal party members for help. You want to avoid answering the phone while the make up artist is attempting to curl your hair or the photographer is trying to capture some awesome getting ready shots. Snag your bestie of honor and put them in charge of any coordination duties that might come up day of.
  4. Don’t be afraid to spend time with your partner during the day - Many people stick to the traditional idea that you and your partner shouldn’t speak the day of the wedding. We call BS on this one! You’re building a life with someone you love and often they are the person you turned you in a highly emotional situations. Don’t limit your access to them if you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or just incredibly joyful! Send loving messages, check in on them, get ready together, or express your excitement/frustration/love for them as often as you so please. You’re marrying them for a reason, don’t force yourself to be away from them if that’s not for you. 
  5. Have an emergency kit prepared and keep it with you all day long - You would be shocked how many little things come up during your big day. A stain on a groomsman‘s tie, a rip in your veil or skirt, a headache, lipstick on the teeth, the list goes on and on. While not all of these things are a complete emergency, it’s always best to be prepared to handle anything that may come up. Grab a reusable tote and head to the dollar store to snag everything you could possibly think of that might help you and your bridal party stay put together day of. 
  6. Write notes and attach them to your gifts well ahead of time - Your love for your friends and family won’t change prior to the wedding. Instead of waiting until the last minute, write a heartfelt note and buy gifts 1 to 3 months in advance. Put them in a safe place and keep them until you hand them out on the day of the wedding. No reason to add an extra to do to your list during the week of.
  7. Keep a coffee or an energy drink on hand for after the ceremony/after couples photos - getting married requires a ton of emotional energy. Happy and joyful energy? Absolutely! But expressing those emotions and celebrating your day is draining and exhausting in its own beautiful way. In order to prepare for more emotions during the speeches and a wild night of dancing at your reception, try to keep some kind of energy supplement on hand for you and your partner to indulge in before your grand entrance.
  8. Find time to take a moment alone - This one absolutely cannot be stressed enough. Your day is going to be filled with love and laughter from your family, your bridal party, and all of your guests. You won’t be alone all day once the festivities begin. While your wedding is a celebration of your marriage, the marriage itself is uniquely special to only the two of you. Take a moment after the ceremony to walk away from the hustle and bustle to just appreciate being together and committing to each other for the rest of your life. 
    Finished photos
  9. EAT AGAIN - I know I said this one before, but I wasn’t joking. At this point you probably won’t have eaten since brunch, so it’s completely necessary to sit and eat your dinner. A lot of couples get distracted during their reception and end up chatting with guests are friends and forgetting to eat, but you can’t dance the night away on an empty stomach. Avoid the chances of getting an attitude or feeling ill by chowing down as much as you can before you start to party. 
  10. Pre-count and package your tips and give them to someone you trust to hand to the vendors - This is another one of those detail oriented things that people often struggle with or overlook. If you’re planning on tipping your vendors, There are two ways to make it easier. The first way is to find out if they have a Venmo or a way to pay them online. Then you can take care of it at any time when you have less to think about. The other way is to pull out cash before any of the wild wedding events begin and prepackaged your tips into envelopes with the vendor name on the back. Rubber band those envelopes together and give them to your coordinator or to a trusted friend or family member to deliver to each vendor throughout the night. Nobody want to worry about a ton of cash floating around during your celebration.
  11. Relax and go with the flow! - No matter what you forgot, what inconvenient instances come up throughout the day, or what plans don’t go exactly perfectly, you’re still going to marry the person that you love surrounded by your closest friends and family. Nothing is more important than that, so make that your main focus. If you can keep in mind that your love is more important than anything else, then you’ll be able to take everything else in stride. Enjoy your day and embrace every crazy turn!  


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