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Feminine Posing Tips and Tricks

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It’s no secret that proper posing can make or break your photos. Everyone knows what it feels like to open up their phone camera by accident and see that awful low angle close up of your face; it’s not very flattering (but it is pretty funny). Obviously photographers are going to try to avoid such awful angles and pose you in ways that are flattering to you and your partner. There is also a different mentality when posing women vs. posing men. Looking and feeling feminine, romantic, and even sexy at times is just a matter of good posing and direction by your photographer. It’s the photographers job to have a working knowledge of how different poses look and feel on camera, but having your own understanding of why photographers make some of the decisions they do can make you more primed for your session and feel a lot more comfortable when being directed into certain stances. It’s always good to be educated and  prepared!



Women often have VERY specific thoughts about which side they prefer to be photographed on. Photographers are going to try their best to capture your from the side you feel most confident. Some of us are lucky and feel equally as comfortable on both sides, but many people have more specific opinions about how and when they look their best. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your photographer which side or angle makes you feel most beautiful.



This has nothing to do with body shapes, types, or sizes. Shifting weight to your back leg provides a slimming effect no matter who you are. We don’t want you to jut your hips out towards the camera because what ever is closest to the lens will look largest in the photo. To avoid making us look larger we want to turn slightly, bend the front knee, and straighten the back leg. A lot of women do this naturally, especially when they pose their own selfies or group shots. I think we all know on a subconscious level that this makes us look slimmer, poised, and confident.


There’s no way around it; if your arm looks chunky it makes you feel fat in the whole photo. Even slender or in incredibly chiseled women have problems positioning their arms to avoid this effect. Keeping your arm straight and pressed against your body is a surefire way to squish it flat and make it look wider. You want to give your am a slight bend and push it away from the body to avoid smashing it. Reaching your hand up on your fiancée’s chest or touching their face is a great way to get your arms in the flattering position.



Everybody wants to have a jaw line that can cut glass, but not everyone has such sharp and defined bones in their face. Photographers will often you raise their position so they can shoot they’re subject from slightly above. This gives your jaw more definition, slims the body since it’s farther from the lens, and often makes your eyes look bright and wide.


Many people feel less comfortable having photos taken in a sitting position because it bends her body in half an squish is our stomach. Luckily there’re lots of posing tricks to cover our sensitive areas so they aren’t the focus of attention. Having hands in your lap can block some of our midsection and positioning our legs in crossed or elongated poses makes us look less short and squat. Shooting from above while you’re sitting is also recommended.


Shooting from directly in front can sometimes give the illusion of wide shoulders. Photographers will often have you bring a shoulder to the front and turn your head towards them in order to highlight your face. Sometimes the photographer will also ask you to lean forward, bringing your face closer to the camera and your body behind you. All of these techniques tend to make us look proportionally smaller.


Sometimes when we think too much about the posing we get stuck in our own heads and it makes us nervous. Being nervous is a surefire way to create an awkward feeling in your photos. I often tell people to give me their best Derek Zoolander poses or I turn into an Austin Powers type of photographer yelling “WORK IT!” and “YAS QUEEN” at every turn. Being relaxed and confident is key. Having a variety of poses in your images will give you more choices and you never know which fun or sexy poses might end up working really well for you.


Every photographer wants to help you feel confident and beautiful, but it’s so much of our joy comes from the inside. Come with the playful and excited attitude. Nothing is more beautiful than a couple in love who doesn’t look like they have a care in the world. While all of the tips I listed above are good educational material, your photographer should move you through your shoot seamlessly without you even knowing that they are using these tips and tricks. Like I said before, we often do these things on her own because we’ve noticed we look better in our own photos in certain poses. Being relaxed and excited for your shoot is the best way to come back with images that you love. You can’t go wrong if you look joyful!


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