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Rosie & Ryan

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Rosie and Ryan

Our team had the pleasure of working with this wonderful couple. They found love through online dating and their happiness lead us to these moments. We spent our morning getting ready with Rosie at the Four Points Sheraton. At first glance, this hotel was made for weddings. They had a beautiful grass area with an elegant white arbor, surrounded by a man-made pond. Shortly after David and I arrived - we were introduced to "pie pops". Kind of like cake pops... but with tiny pies! It was a wonderful surprise to enjoy an apple pie in a single bite! While I was stuck in flavor heaven, the ladies were getting their makeup and dresses on for the beautiful day to come. Rosie's mom wore an elegant smile that we couldn't help but notice. This was a clear indication to us that the day would reflect the happiness and pure bliss shown in her smile.

As we spent our time 20 minutes from the vineyards, the details were in motion. The splendid venue setup, a few chocolate kisses for each guest, wedding cake with a topping that mimics the couple, and the beautiful flower arrangements that tied the setting together. The attention to every element is captivating. From the color schemes, to the roses on the cake, the pedals that surround it. Attention to the blue eyes, the rose gold crown that sits on his queens head.

Ryan and his groomsmen spent their time at Los Positas Vineyards patiently waiting on call for the moment our groom could step out and call Rosie his wife. They passed the time in a room that read "Groom" upon entry. Suited up, cufflinks passed around, waiting for the moment he can step out of the room to his 'rose gold everything' wedding (Rosie loves the rose gold everything theme).

The time has come for Rosie to arrive and put on her dress in her private suite that read "bride" upon entry. Rosie and her mom both share a smile that speaks true bliss in these moment.

 (back to our 'rose gold everything' reference)

Both Ryan and Rosie are ready to share gifts and letters with each other prior to their big moment to come. They receive everything from the respected best man and maid of honor. Both excited, knowing that the time is getting closer to stare at each other from a short distance in front of everyone they love.

What could it be? It was a music box that played their wedding song.  But wait! There is more!  Rose gold everything ;)

Simultaneously, they each receive a gift and read each others notes out loud. Both had an overwhelming tone of excitement and joy.  It's these moments that make me so happy to help capture the moments that will forever serve as a reminder to their special day coming together as one in the eyes of both god and man. Please enjoy the rest of these moments without further interruption. :)



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