David N. Sachs | The Pool (Part 1)

The Pool (Part 1)

July 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Turns out that National Geographic hosts these assignments open to anyone. I found out about this just in time to get excited about their soon-to-be-closed assignment, "the Pool", an appropriately Summer-themed selection. 

The curator, Sherry L. Brukbacher (a photo editor with NatGeo), quotes Maria Popova of Brain Pickings in the contest's description: "a wordless masterpiece of space, scale, and silence converging [in] an underwater world of wonder just beneath the reflective surface of ordinary life.” These words describe a work of Jihyeon Lee's children's book, Pool.

This led to the concept and subject of my shoot immediately flooding me with possibility (please forgive the pun...or not, I leave the concept of humor to you). So I reached out to the mother of an adorable young model I've worked with countless times modeling for Bay Area Wedding Fairs and booked the shoot for tomorrow afternoon. I went to Best Buy to purchase an underwater camera (as water-safe housings for my Mark III push $2k, not including modifiers for the lenses themselves!) and am so excited to drive to Modesto tomorrow for my shoot with little Scarlet! 

Getting ReadyHere's a picture I took of Scarlet shortly after picking up my first DSLR (an entry-level Nikon D3200).
Shy SmilesHere's another one of Scarlet, this time with her mother -- can you see why I'm looking forward to this shoot? Have you ever seen a more adorable child?
Take a look at the pictures from Jihyeon Lee's Pool (see link above) and you can put together my shot list for tomorrow. It's gonna be adorable. Oh and the possibility of being featured in National Geographic is pretty cool too, I guess. 


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