So Happy I Could Cry...

August 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I LOVE this image. Sure, it's not perfectly exposed and there're some hotspots on the bride's face and neck but the EMOTION is BEAUTIFUL! I was culling through images from a wedding Saturday, and when I got to the ceremony I couldn't keep my eyes from misting all over again. This is a beautiful moment as the groom read his vows, making his bride laugh and cry in that simultaneous way only Love can do. 

I think it's also a beautiful thing to cover up tears with a laugh. Some folks will stomp their feet or turn away, but to project joy alongside the tears is simply lovely. (Yes, yes...some of you are hollering at your screens that tears can be beautiful just for the sake of tears and that they shouldn't have to be covered up at all. I'm not saying they have to be covered up at all, just that of the possible ways to do so, I prefer a smile and a laugh).


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